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Welcome to the Official Website.

Photo of the front cover of the novel by Eve Morrison, Lilies for the Reaper
Lilies for the Reaper - Front Cover

... And the first post.

My name isn't actually Eve Morrison, but it's the name I write mysteries under. Let me introduce myself--my actual name is Kristan and I exist to write and bring stories people love to read to book shelves.

Books are a passion.

You could almost call them an obsession.

I have been writing stories that others have loved to read and hear since I was a child and my first novel was published (using my real name) in 2014. Since then I have further honed the craft until finally I made the leap from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Mysteries and Crime Fiction.


You actually have my grandmother to thank for that!

While she enjoyed my novel series, she's not a big fan of science fiction or fantasy but she loved my writing style and wanted to support me. Well, admittedly, my grandmother is biased (or is she? She has always been able to tell us when our efforts weren't up to par!) but her favourite genre is mystery. Our daily routine involves immediately going from the News at Six, to switching the channel to watch Murder She Wrote.

It was during one of these nights that, during a commercial break, she asked me, "Why can't you write a mystery?"

I was a bit taken aback. I've never given it thought. I love reading them, and I love Murder She Wrote as much as she does... perhaps even more so... but to write them?

I figured I would at least give it a try and when I first started I posted the first chapters of the debut novel under the name Eve Morrison on Wattpad.

People loved it.

So I kept going.

And, now, after three and a half years of drafts and revisions, the first novel in the Elliot Lake set Dana McIntyre Mysteries is finally about to be on shelves.

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