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McIntyre's Flower Shoppe

Buying Flowers

The flower shop Dana inherited from her mother, located in downtown Elliot Lake in the heart of the historical part of the city. An old brownstone building in a strip of brownstones in the shadow of where the Algo Mall once sat.


Before the mall was built, this was the heart of the city. Without the mall, it has seen new activity and new life as people turn back to shopping in the old brownstones without anywhere else to shop with the same commercial concentration in the city.

Elliot Lake, Ontario

Elliot Lake is a small city in Northern Ontario, Canada. Located just North of Lake Huron and close to midway between the cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie with only a road and a small airport.

In the fifties and sixties, it was the "uranium capitol" of the world but as the mines began to close in the seventies, Elliot Lake was forced to find other ways to survive.

This meant turning their focus from mining to eco-tourism and to being a thriving retirement community.

Dana & Brian


Dana left Elliot Lake shortly after high school for Toronto. A successful financier on Bay Street, she never returned to Elliot Lake outside of visits on holidays to see her mother... until her mother passed away and left her the Flower Shop in Elliot Lake.


Brian is an Inspector with the OPP, his time his spent investigating what little happens in and around the normally safe retirement community... and he would like it to stay safe.

While at first, Dana is a suspect he eventually finds her sharp mind an invaluable asset.

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