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Lilies for the Reaper - PREORDER NOW LIVE!

After years of revisions, starting over at least once and loads of edits, it's finally heading to shelves and the preorder is live right now.

In fact, it will be on shelves and available to read in 37 days.

I will admit there have been quite a few ups and downs with the writing of this. As some of you may know, my grandmother for whom I wrote this ended up with dementia. It's so advanced right now that even if I were to show her the book she challenged me to write that I'm not sure she'd remember or understand what it is.

Will that stop me? No. I am going to hand her that book, on her birthday (the date of the full release - September 29th) and spend the day with her... so long as she remembers it's me and wants that. I'll read her the book and perhaps she will remember or maybe not. I'm sure she will enjoy it as she does like being read to and still does like mysteries.

I hope mine passes muster.


Lilies for the Reaper

Eve Morrison

Full release September 29th, 2023

(for Gramma)

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