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Lilies for the Reaper

From Bay Street Finance Maven...

Dana McIntyre is a Bay Street Financial maven. Successful and respected, she has built a reputation on having the right answers at the right time. It all comes crashing down when a simple phone call has her dropping her entire life in a sabbatical from Bay Street to rush back up North.

...To Owner of a Flower Shop in Elliot Lake...

Her mother, the owner of a successful flower shop in the slowly shrinking city of Elliot Lake, has passed away and left all of her worldly possessions (including the shop and everything in it!) to her only living relative--her daughter Dana. Dana isn't too happy about being forced back up North and back into the life she happily left behind for the fast-paced Toronto and returns with the intent of selling her mother's business, taking care of the funeral and other last arrangements... and going back to her new home and her life in Toronto.

...To the Prime Suspect in a Murder Investigation.

Gerry, her mother's lawyer and long time friend, is too happy to see Dana go back and quickly moves into action to make it happen, as per Dana's orders. But, in the middle of making those arrangements, Dana walks into her mother's shop one morning to find a dead body on the floor and her as the prime suspect.
Until she meets Brian, the cheerful and equally sharp minded OPP Inspector charged with getting to the bottom of the case.

It's a case that will take both of them to solve.

And Dana is about to find out that her mind isn't just good for finance and business on Bay Street--she's got a knack for solving crime...

... and Brian's easy smile and kind eyes aren't so easy to leave either.

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The Blood Rose

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